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How to Pick the Best Tax Accountant?

09 Jan
Best Tax Accountant

How to Pick the Best Tax Accountant?

As tax season approaches, research has shown that the majority of people hire a tax accountant to help them file their taxes. However, there are many tax accountants who are unqualified to file taxes. That’s why it is important that people understand what characteristics tax accounts should have. Here are some tips to help people find the best tax accountant Melbourne.


Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS. All agents must pass a thorough exam that explains federal tax planning. Enrolled agents have different specialties, so people should make sure that they find an agent that best suits their needs.

Certified public accountants have passed their state exams and have met every additional requirement. Certified public accountant melbourne can also help people with their financial planning in addition to their taxes.

For people who are dealing with a tax dispute or an audit, they should consider hiring a tax attorney. Storefront preparers will also help people. The staff is often made up of lawyers, certified public accountants, and even those who are not certified. Check to see if your community is offering an Annual Filing Season Program. This program is primarily for volunteers, who must complete the required education courses for the upcoming tax year.

Things To Consider

Perform a background check on the accountant that you are considering hiring. There have been issues in the past concerning accountants compromising tax returns in order to get refunds. Check with The Better Business Bureau and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Make sure that the accountant belongs to at least one professional organization. They should also have a Preparer Tax Identification Number.

Chemistry Is Key

The best accountants always provide their customers with a clear idea of how much they charge for their services, their contact information, as well as any records and receipts that they need from the customer.