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Cloud Accounting is The New Black.

25 Sep

Cloud Accounting is The New Black.

We’re sure you have heard about Cloud accounting practices by now, and perhaps wonder what all the fuss is about, or you might be like a lot of our clients and already migrated your accounts into ‘the cloud’.

If you have been sitting on the fence, read on to find out what all the fuss is about and why we recommend a change to cloud accounting.

  • We all want to save costs, and bottom line, that what cloud accounting provides. Labour cost in bookkeeping, can be the most significant single component of cost savings.
  • It can provide dramatic cost savings with hardware and accounting software purchase costs being replaced by a subscription fee.
  • Cloud Accounting empowers business owners and accountants to work collaboratively to improve profit by providing enormous opportunity to plan, implement, monitor and report Financial Performance far beyond what has been available traditionally.
  • You will be able to draw upon the training, skills, knowledge and experience of our accounting team which means in-house staff (which can expensive to acquire, train and retain) can be supported, and upskilled easily.
  • We love the opportunity, provided by Cloud Accounting, to help business owners improve their business and improve their business profitability.
  • Our professional advice and support is only a phone call away, we can enter your account to troubleshoot and sort out the issue.
  • We work collaboratively together.
  • The Daily Data Feeds provides the opportunity for constant up to date accounts including; Debtors, Creditors, Bank Reconciliations, Fixed Asset and Profit & Loss Reports.
  • Your balance sheet is constantly up to date and ready to view at any time as well as on-line, real-time cashflow reports.
  • Financiers requests are easier and quicker to accommodate.
  • Payroll is incorporated in cloud accounting software programs, making access and usability easy in one program.
  • Additional functionality is available for areas such as jobbing, time recording and inventory.
  • Software updates are automatic – ” you don’t need to “buy” the next version of software.
  • Readily available and cost-effective training of staff.
  • A monthly subscription cost means you only pay for what you use which helps soften cash flow impact and replaces software purchase cost i.e. a significant saving on your bottom line.
  • Geography is no problem – accessible wherever you are in the world with an internet connection whether it be in an internet cafe, hotel or friend’s house.
  • Accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for all your data input and reporting needs.
  • Accessible by any mobile internet enabled device such as iPad, laptop, mobile phones.
  • Backups performed automatically off-site.
  • Reduction in your own hardware requirements and costs


Talk to us about going onto “The Cloud” and see first-hand the benefits it offers.